Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Lapsechain SA is incorporated in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Neuchâtel is a rising star amongst the blockchain ecosystem. We proudly contribute to its international influence in terms of technological innovation, entrepreneur-friendship, public-private cooperation, academic excellence.


Fabrice, Raphael & Jonathan first met to discuss an innovative social network. While outlining the specifications of the underlying blockchain infrastructure required to operate that social network, they understood they were experiencing a perfect match and soon decided to startup Lapsechain.

Intellectual Property

While Open Source has become mainstream in the Western blockchain world, at Lapsechain we opted for applying for patents since the very beginning, as we validated our first building blocks. As innovation is at our core, we ambition to be amongst the world’s most active patent applicants.

New York City, USA

We proudly create an office in New York City. New York is a major hub for blockchain, international finance and fintech. We mainly focus on strategic partnerships to speed up the design of our first use cases and shorten their time-to-market.

Open source and patents

As we move forward, it becomes clear to us that the Open Source world and the Patent world will have to reconcile and harmonize to design and deploy the most advanced blockchain services. At Lapsechain we anticipate that reconciliation and have begun to build of a strong patent portfolio.


At Lapsechain we are multinational already. We operate in three regions on three continents. We team up with skilled, experienced, renowned blockchain professionals. We build strategic partnerships both in terms of technology and in terms of business development.

Paris, France

We proudly create an office in Paris. French-tech blockchain engineers are amongst the best in the world, while French-tech designers are amongst the most creative. In Paris we develop our first use case and strengthen the technological kernel of the Lapsechain protocol.

Innovative blockchain infrastructure

Lapsechain uses mature and robust building blocks such as Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), Decentralized Indentifiers (DID), Decentralized Key Management Systems (DKMS) and Oracles, combined in a unique way to build our innovative first-generation blockchain infrastructure.

Next Gen

While building its first-generation innovative blockchain infrastructure, Lapsechain anticipates the future needs of the market in terms of data privacy and has thus already begun to outline the specifications of its second-generation blockchain infrastructure.

Tel Aviv, Israel

We create an office in Tel Aviv. Often regarded as the startup nation, Israel is, above all, excellent at applied research and information & network security. We ambition to build a research center that shall mainly focus on quantum cryptography & quantum-resistant cryptography.

Dual tokenomy

Lapsechain proposes a new dual-tokenomy business model merging the traditional centralized model that safeguards the interests of clients, shareholders and employees, and the emerging decentralized model that promotes free trade amongst contributors to the network.


Lapsechain introduces two different tokens with different purposes and specs. The Lapse Dime is a closed-loop stable token operating the network at service-level (license to use), while the Lapse Coin is an open-loop fluctuant token operating the network at infrastructure-level (license to operate).